Palo Santo

Palo Santo

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Ethically sourced, sustainably harvested, fair-trade Palo Santo from Peru. Single stick, wire wrapped with quartz crystal.

Length: 4” – 5”

Product Description

Palo Santo or ‘holy wood’ is derived from the majestic Palo Santo trees native to Central and South America. The aromatic oil of the wood is naturally secreted only after the trees branches have naturally died, fallen to the ground, and laid in place for 4-10 years. Used during healing ceremony, the woods grounding smoke is used to maintain elevated consciousness and spiritual focus while supporting in ascertaining spiritual messages and cultivating their teachings in daily life.

Palo Santo Burning Instructions: Hold flame on end of stick until it catches fire. Allow to burn down half an inch or so. Blow out. If the stick puts itself out while burning, relight and allow flame to burn longer before blowing out. With focused attention gently blow on the stick to direct smoke. Place on a non- flammable surface such as in a ceramic or glass vessel. Set the intention of creating a sacred space filled with peace, love, harmony and beauty.